Barbaresco Riserva di Giacosa, a legend from the Langhe

Drinking the Barbaresco Asili Riserva 2011, of the Falletto Company of Serralunga d’Alba, a precious wine from all points of view at the peak of Italian winemaking excellence, it is like retracing the legendary story of Bruno Giacosa, a man in love with his homeland (Le Langhe) like few others. Such a legendary story that in 2012, he that hadn’t studied Enology at school but had it in his blood already, was awarded an honorary degree in Gastronomic Sciences by the University of Pollenzo which wanted to pay tribute to “one of the forerunners of the rebirth season of quality Italian vitiviniculture, which started in the early 1980s “.

Barbaresco Riserva di Giacosa, a legend from the Langhe

Bruno Giacosa declared several times: “When I was born, the first perfumes I smelled were those of my mother’s milk and of my grandfather’s wine”. And throughout his life he has proved to be among the greatest experts of that wine, the one of the Langhe.

In January of this year the legendary figure of Bruno Giacosa left us, but not his spirit! If Barbaresco has been able to reach levels of excellence in the whole world, it is because of two great men: Angelo Gaja and Bruno Giacosa. But unlike Gaja, Giacosa wasn’t born in a family of wine producers, in fact his family consisted solely of wine sellers and, although he didn’t attend any school of enology, he accumulated such experience over the years that allowed him to reach a widespread knowledge of the territory. Since 1961, despite not owning any vineyard yet, he began to sell wine with his own label. At the end of the Sixties there’s the great turning point, thanks to his extraordinary knowledge of the Alba hills, Bruno began to enhance the individual vineyards by showing the names of the crus on each label, such as Barbaresco Asili and Barolo Vigna Rionda. Only in 1982 he became the owner of the company connected to one of the most beautiful vineyards of Barolo, Falletto of Serralunga d’Alba. Man of action, Bruno in 2006 was hit by a stroke. Acclaimed great producer and master of the wines of the Langhe, he was awarded with an honorary degree by the University of Pollenzo in 2012.

The company, now ran by her daughter Bruna, continues to give us legendary wines contended by fans all over the world, and at the very top, there’s the famous red label that distinguishes the Reserves. The production would be needing to be tasted continuously for one to be able to evaluate and appreciate its constant evolution. We’re talking about an ideal of cleanliness and tradition represented by these wines, which carefully avoid of getting limited by that very tradition. Perfect wines, rich in character and in aromatic depth. In this case it is superfluous to talk about traditionalists and innovators in the Langhe territory. Bruno Giacosa has been and will always remain a real reference point for those who care about the meticulous pursuit of quality. The simple and, apparently easy and immediate style of its wines impresses. The ingredients for this success are to be found in the multifaceted character of the Langhe’s ground (mostly clayey/calcareous with percentages of sand in the Barbaresco area, clayey/calcareous without any percentage of sand in the area of Barolo) and also in the careful and not invasive work being done in the Neive winery, where above all, a preservative technology is used. A part of the wines is produced with grapes purchased from historical producers and in that case the label says Bruno Giacosa, while the production coming exclusively from proprietary grapes has a label that reads Azienda Agricola Falletto. Secretive character and exceptional taster, the old master left us some memorable wines such as his legendary Barbaresco Asili Riserva 2011. Asili envelopes spectacularly an entire hill in the town of Barbaresco. Typical red garnet with some ruby shades. The aromas are spread over hints of strawberry, pomegranate, red orange, cherry, rose and violet, softened by scents of leather, rhubarb, cardamom and mint. The taste reveals extreme elegance, built on the perfect balance between flavour and tannins. It fascinates with the quality of the tannins, a paradigm of pure elegance. The degustation testifies to the greatness of this wine, suave and intense at the same time, ending with profound mineral notes. It pairs magnificently with Toma Piemontese cheese, Albese meat, various roasts and large game dishes.

Price: 250 euros

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The Falletto Farm, with its twenty hectares of vineyards in the Serralunga d’Alba, La Morra and Barbaresco areas. It is the realization of a project strongly desired to guarantee the complete control over the production process, which is concluded with the vinification and refinement in the cellars of Neive.

°° Translated from Italian to English by Gerardo Iannacci, email: